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GrowWise Health provides personalized education to help patients and healthcare professionals make informed choices about medical cannabis treatments.

Medical Cannabis in Canada

On March 31, 2014, Health Canada introduced the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Under the MMPR, patients are required to purchase medical cannabis from a Licensed Producer (LP) in Canada. As of March 2016, there are 27 LPs authorized to cultivate and/or sell medical cannabis.

Currently, the process to obtain medical cannabis is more complicated than obtaining any other prescription medication. Of particular concern to physicians and patients alike, pharmacists are not involved in the process. Consequently, no clear role for a healthcare professional has been identified during the dispensing process, and as a result, limited guidance is provided to patients.

The traditional pharmacy dispensing function involves two principal aspects:

1. The fulfillment of the prescription, which results in the patient receiving packaged medication.

2. The education function, during which the pharmacist interacts with the patient to ensure proper consumption of the medication and address any potential side effects
or contraindications.

Under the MMPR, a patient who qualifies for the use of medical cannabis is required to:

1. Obtain a valid “Medical Document”, similar to a prescription, from a physician.

2. Select and register with an LP.

3. Send the Medical Document to the LP.

4. Research and choose a strain of cannabis (which defines the strength of the medication).

5. Place an initial order with the LP.

6. Place a subsequent order every thirty days until the medical document expires.

The Licensed Producer fulfills the order as per the Medical Document and delivers the packaged cannabis to the patient. In so doing, LPs are undertaking an activity akin to the fulfillment aspect of the traditional pharmacy dispensing process. The MMPR contains no provision corresponding to the education aspect of the traditional pharmacy dispensing process.

Our Role in Helping Patients
Given the variety of challenges faced by patients, GrowWise Health has put together a team of healthcare professionals to address the gap in patient education. The GrowWise Health Patient Education Program offers comprehensive guidance and ongoing care to qualified patients. Our Patient Educators are committed to providing patients with ongoing care via follow-up visits and through our hotline counseling services.

When a physician authorizes medical cannabis and completes a Medical Document, the
patient is referred to the GrowWise Education Centre, where the Educator will:

• Provide the patient with essential information on medical cannabis

• Provide the patient with guidelines for safe dosing and outline risks and potential side effects

• Review different modes of consumption and assist the patient in choosing an appropriate method

• Assist the patient in selecting the appropriate strain(s) of medical cannabis based on the patient’s medical condition

• Assist the patient with placing their medication order with the optimal Licensed Producer, according to strain availability, quality and economic constraints

• Develop a monitoring plan with the patient

• Provide the patient with follow-up contact information so they are able to contact an Educator with any questions or concerns they encounter following their education session

Our Role in Helping Physicians
Authorizing physicians experience many challenges navigating the complex legal and ethical frameworks surrounding medical cannabis. In order to assist physicians in managing some of these challenges, GrowWise Health offers a series of physician-focused education services. These education services are designed to ensure that physicians maintain optimal patient care standards and adhere to the most current best practice guidelines.

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